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Christmas Makeup Look 2016!

Do your Christmas Eve Makeup with us using “Mauve Me eyeshadow palette” and “Velvet Matte Liptint – Strawberry”. A fabulous look created by Makeup artist and Instagramer @efpemakeup.

  1. Start by taking a piece of scotch tape and stick it to the back of your hand (to remove some of the tackiness). Now place it under your lower lash line up towards the end of your brow. This will make your eyeshadow look more crisp and precise!
  1. Now choose the colors ‘Hold’ & ‘Burn’ and apply them to the outer corners of your eyes and to your crease with the fluffy side of the brush that comes with the palette.
  1. Mix ‘Embrace’ & ‘Melt’ and apply it to the center of you eyelids with the flat side of the brush. Then apply ‘Twirl’ gold shadow to the inner half of your eyelids.
  1. To open up your eyes choose the lightest shadows ‘Dazzle and Love’ from the palette and apply them to your inner corners. Now carefully remove the tape from your eyes and see the perfect crisp line you’ve created!
  1. Line your waterline with a brown eyeliner and smoke it out using the shadows ‘Hold’ & ‘Burn’.
  1. Last step is to apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. If you like a more dramatic look you can apply your favorite pair of lashes.

Apply the Velvet Matte Liptint in ‘Strawberry’ on you lips to complete this look!

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Spring Collection 2016: Côte D´Azur Contour

Enhance your beauty with the new spring collection from Viva la Diva!

The complete contouring kit will help you to bring out your best features- Contour, highlight and give your face a natural blush! The Duo Highlighter completes any makeup, the fantastic results of highlighting will give you an instant face lift!

The Contouring kit holds six shades that will give you a flawless finish:

Almond- a neutral tone to use as a base and to blend with the darker tones.
Vanilla- a neutral tone with yellow base that reduces redness.
Cupcake- a shimmering highlighter that will bring out your best features.
Crossiant- a cold brown tone for contouring.
Chocolate- a medium warm brown tone for contouring.
Pink grape- a beautiful matte blush for your cheeks.

Sweep the Duo Highlighter over your cheek bones, neck bones and put a little just over the top of your lip- it will make all the difference! The Duo Highlighter comes in a varm golden tone, perfect for giving you a sun kissed glow, and in a pink silver tone that will give your skin a healthy pink shimmer.

Want to learn how to use the Contouring kit? Watch our how to video here!

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Do your New years makeup with us!

You will be the star of the night with this New Years makeup made by Makeup Artist Fatlume Parduiz with Viva la Diva products!

1. Start by drawing a line above your crease with the black eyeshadow from the ‘Metal eyeshadows’ palette

2. Mix ‘Deco’ and ‘Just’ from the ‘Perfect nudies’ palette and apply it above the line with a small blendingbrush

3. Apply some more of that black eyeshadow with a blendingbrush where you made the line in the beginning, to make the look more smoked out

4. Draw another line with the ‘Crystal glitter eyeliner Silver’ under the black shadow,. Then apply a pink/purple eyeshadow from the ‘Metal eyeshadows’ palette on your lid

5. Take the black eyeshadow again and apply it to the outer corner of your eye in a “V” shape to make your eyes look more intense

6. Next, create a winged eyeliner using ‘Liquid eyeliner Black’, apply this to your waterline aswell

7. Take the same eyeshadow that you used on your eyelid and apply it to your lower lashline. Then take the black eyeshadow on a small brush and apply it as close to your lashline as possible

8. Apply mascara and some dramatic eyelashes!

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Fabulous Christmas Makeup with Viva la Diva products!

Look fabulous at Christmas eve and try this fantastic Christmas makeup made by Makeup Artist Fatlume Parduiz!

1. Start by Applying ‘Oh dear!’ from the ‘Perfect Nudies’ palette at the crease of the eye with a blending brush.

2. Mix the two golden colors of ‘Metal Eyeshadows palette’ and apply on the eyelid with a dense brush so the color will be as intense as possible! To get that little extra, dab on the ‘Crystal glitter eyeliner’ in the color ‘Gold’ over the entire eyelid.

3. Apply a winged eyeliner with ‘Liquid Eyeliner’ in the color ‘Black’.

4. Apply ‘Deco’ from the ‘Perfect Nudies’ palette between the crease and the lid with a smaller blending brush.

5. Add a brown eyeliner to the waterline.

6. Reapply the color ‘Oh dear!’ from the ‘Perfect Nudies’ palette with a light and airy brush and apply under the lower lash line.

7. Use a dense brush and apply ‘Deco’ from the ‘Perfect Nudies’ palette as close to the lash line as possible.

8. Apply mascara and some bold eyelashes!
xoxo Viva la Diva

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Tutorial : glamorous eyes


Makeup artist Madelene Fahlberg has created a tutorial for really glamorous eyes with Viva la Diva “Glam Eyes” palette.

  1. Use a primer for superlonglasting effect. Apply “Take it easy” under your eyebrow and at inner eye corner.
  2. Apply “Just grey” on one third of the eyelid.
  3. Blend in “Desire”
  4. Darken the smokey-effect with the shadow “VIP
  5. For a fun finish: apply “Buzz” on the edges of “VIP and under the eye.
  6. Put on some eyeliner and mascara and you’re all glam and done!
glam eyes tutorial
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